“Attitudes on Voting in 2020”

Rand has issued this important and extensive report on public attitudes toward voting this fall. It first “key finding” is that most voters believe voting will be safe this fall — and that older voters are even more likely to believe voting will be safe. Digging deeper into the report, I was happy to see that 55% of voters plan to vote in person. That is higher than most predictions have suggested.

I would also expect that percentage to go up by November, as more public commentary across the political spectrum encourages voters to vote in person and as people hear the message from Dr. Fauci and other public-health officials that in-person voting will be safe, given the safety protocols in place. From the report:

A majority of respondents said that they expect that the 2020 election will be physically safe from COVID-19 health risks

  • Despite the acknowledged increased health risk to older voters, that population had higher perceptions of safety and preparedness than did younger voters.

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