Wisconsin: “State finds two dozen possible cases of voter fraud over past year”

Wisconsin State Journal:

The Wisconsin Elections Commission found two dozen cases of suspected voter fraud or other voting irregularities in the past year’s elections after a statewide review.

The commission documented 24 cases of suspected fraud, such as voters reportedly voting twice in an election, convicted felons casting a ballot, a voter no longer residing at his or her registered address or, in one case, a non-citizen reportedly voting. Other cases involved voters on an ineligible list trying to cast a ballot as well as a deceased voter’s absentee ballot being counted.

The commission received the reports from municipal clerks, who are required by law to provide them. Municipal clerks are also required to submit the information to their respective district attorneys. The list is not necessarily comprehensive. The twenty-four possible cases represent a tiny fraction of the roughly 2.7 million votes cast in the November midterms. 

Whether district attorneys have decided to prosecute the alleged voter fraud cases is unknown to the commission. Commission spokesman Reid Magney said it’s also unclear to the commission whether the suspected voters cast ballots or were prevented from doing so. Magney said many of the cases were discovered in post-election audits.


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