“EXCLUSIVE: Absentee ballot envelopes in North Carolina fit into ‘a pattern of fraud'”

Judd Legum:

The envelopes of the absentee ballots are a rich source of information because they require not only the signature of the voter but the signature of two witnesses. Pending an investigation by the North Carolina State Board of Elections, which voted unanimously against certifying the election, these envelopes have been impounded.

Under normal circumstances, however, these envelopes are available at the local election board for review as public information. Before the Board of Election’s action, 162 of the absentee ballot envelopes were photocopied. Popular Information obtained the images of these envelopes through a source.

Gerry Cohen, the former special counsel for the North Carolina general assembly and an expert in the state’s election law, told Popular Information the envelopes “fit in with a pattern of fraud.”


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