“No Investigators Have Talked To Georgia Democrats About Brian Kemp’s Claim They Tried To Hack Him”


Right before the election, Brian Kemp, at the time Georgia’s secretary of state and the Republican candidate for governor, announced an investigation into state Democrats, claiming they’d hacked him. He said he’d alerted federal authorities.

Now, more than two weeks later, Kemp is governor-elect, and the Democrats he accused say they’ve yet to hear a word from any would-be investigators.

“We have not heard from the various acronym agencies that Brian Kemp decided to include in his press release, and we do not expect to hear from them,” Seth Bringman, spokesperson for the Georgia Democratic Party, told BuzzFeed News in an email.

On Nov. 4, two days before Election Day, Kemp’s office issued a press release claiming, without providing evidence, that Georgia Democrats had engaged in a “failed hacking attempt” of the secretary of state’s voter registration system.

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