“Republican Gov. Rick Scott Was Just Sued Over His Role In The Florida Recount”


Republican Gov. Rick Scott has filed at least five lawsuits since Thursday against county election officials and instructed state police to investigate them for “fraud.” But on Monday, a group of Florida voters and organizations filed their own lawsuit that alleges Scott has illegally abused his power as governor to swing the outcome of his own high-profile race for US senator, wielding the threat of a crackdown and controlling state government in order to stop legal votes from being counted.

Scott’s tiny lead has shrunk in the Senate race against incumbent Democratic Sen. Bill Nelson as late votes were tallied last week in urban, left-leaning counties around Miami, causing Republicans to panic and accuse Democrats of trying to “steal” the election. Officials up and down Florida started a machine recount of the midterm vote Saturday, as mandated by law when the margins whittle below 0.5%, yet Scott has stood outside the governor’s mansion to decry Democrats and local officials.

And Ian Bassin has written We’re Suing the Florida Governor. He Should Not Oversee His Own Election, an NYT oped.


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