The North Carolina subpoenas get even more disturbing

Looks like the North Carolina US Attorney’s Office also subpoenaed the state DMV.  The subpoena is here.  Among the other information sought: DMV voter registration documents (including from citizens) for individuals not born in the US and documents (including from citizens) completed in a language other than English.

So you can add, to the serious problems of overbreadth, some increasingly disturbing constitutional issues as well.

And if HSI or ICE plans to compile the information that it demanded from NC county registrars, the NC state board of elections, and now the NC DMV, and/or try to match that information up from place to place, it had better have done its homework under the Privacy Act as well.  I flagged those issues with respect to the Pence-Kobach Commission, and there are even more restrictions for the compilation of data by agencies like DOJ or DHS.  There are understandable exemptions from the Privacy Act for criminal investigations of specific named persons.  But this fishing program sure doesn’t sound like it’s targeted to specific named persons.


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