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“A voting technology company at the center of election conspiracy theories demanded a retraction from Fox News, accusing them of ‘a concerted disinformation campaign'”

Business Insider: The election software company Smartmatic is demanding retractions from right-wing media outlets, accusing them of spreading conspiracy theories about its role in the 2020 elections.In a letter obtained by Insider, Smartmatic accused Fox News of engaging in… Continue reading

A Sidney Powell Sleight-of-Hand on Claims of Manipulation of Electronic Voting Systems? (Or What Happened to the Keshavarz-Nia Statement)

A reader passes along the following, which I have not had a chance to independently verify. Happy to hear any corrections or additions:  Background:As you know, President Trump’s former attorney Sidney Powell filed her so-called “Kraken” lawsuits in district courts… Continue reading

Should We Be Worried About Russian Interference in the 2020 Elections? Reasons for Comfort, Reasons for Concern, and BIG Reasons for More Early Voting

By Richard L. Hasen The latest murky revelations from U.S. intelligence officials that Russian government operatives are probing state voter registration databases as they did in 2016 raises the question: is this all they’ve got?  Why aren’t the Russians doing… Continue reading