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TPM: von Spakovsky Involved with Group That Originated Crazy Conspiracy Theory that Italian Defense Contractor Changed Votes from Trump to Biden (via Satellite!) During 2020 Election

Josh Kovensky for TPM: For those ready to believe that President Trump really won re-election, there’s one particularly fantastical conspiracy theory to hang your hat on.It’s called ItalyGate, and it offers a simple, direct, and especially implausible claim: An Italian… Continue reading

Before Texas Filed in Supreme Court in Trump Election Case Kris Kobach Pushed Louisiana to File to Overturn Election Results Based on Absurd Legal Theories and Weak Evidence (via TPM Exclusive)

Big Tierney Sneed report for TPM: Before Texas filed a lawsuit that asked the Supreme Court to block President Biden’s win in four battleground states, a draft of the petition was circulated to the Louisiana attorney general’s office.The template… Continue reading

Ludicrous, Audacious, and Incredibly Dangerous: Read the Draft “Bill of Complaint” That President Trump Pressured the Department of Justice to File to Steal and Overturn the 2020 Presidential Election

It begins on page 33 of these documents released by the House Oversight Committee. It’s very similar to the dangerous, awful brief filed by Texas in the Supreme Court that was summarily rejected by the Court. Yes it cites debunked… Continue reading