December 12, 2010

Six Reflections on Bush v. Gore

Today is the tenth anniversary of the Supreme Court's decision in Bush v. Gore, ending the Florida recount and handing the 2000 presidential to George W. Bush. Here is a link to the reflections in this series:

Lyle Denniston, That Night at the Courthouse

Ned Foley, Bush v. Gore in Historical Perspective (Moritz)

Heather Gerken, Rethinking the 2000 Fiasco

Rick Hasen, Election Hangover: The Real Legacy of Bush v. Gore (Slate)

Nate Persily, Bush v. Gore in the American Mind

Rick Pildes, That Night Ten Years Ago

After reading Nate's contribution, I wonder if the 20th anniversary will go even more unnoticed. In my Remedies class, I always teach about the most controversial stay order in history, the Supreme Court's Dec. 10, 2000 order stopping the statewide recount of undervotes ordered by the Florida Supreme Court. I used to say to my students, with a great laugh: "There was a disputed election in Florida, you may have heard about it." Now, ten years later, when I teach the same stay order, I say with a completely straight face: "There was a disputed election in Florida, you may have heard about it." Many of those students were in middle school when Bush v. Gore was decided. In 2020, I'm guessing most students would have been in diapers when the case was decided. Time marches on.

Posted by Rick Hasen at December 12, 2010 07:20 PM