“Number of Trump Allies Facing Election Interference Charges Keeps Growing”

N.Y. Times analysis of the various state-level prosecutions, discussing the extent to which they will deter similar efforts this year:

“Republican leaders, however, have been defiant in the face of the prosecutions. “We will not be deterred by this overreach,” the Arizona G.O.P. said in a statement Wednesday after a grand jury had handed up the charges, echoing the stances of leaders in other states.

“Josh McKoon, chairman of the Georgia Republican Party, said in an interview that “I don’t think that this is going to discourage the base of the Republican Party from engaging in politics,” adding, “I think what it actually does is it heightens, to an entirely new level, the importance of winning the 2024 election.”

“But a number of those who have been indicted are lawyers, which may give pause to lawyers advising the current Trump campaign.

““There will be more caution on the part of the lawyers,” said Manny Arora, who represents Kenneth Chesebro, another legal architect of the fake elector plot. Mr. Chesebro, who pleaded guilty to a felony in Georgia, has emerged as a key witness in all of the state inquiries, including one in Wisconsin, which has not yet led to charges.”

I spoke about these cases with Scott Detrow on NPR’s All Things Considered yesterday.

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