November 19, 2009

PPP Poll: 52% of GOP Voters Think ACORN Stole Election for Obama

This is depressing, but not all that surprising.

From a 2005 article of mine:

    In 1996, about 9.6% of the public (7.5% of Democrats and 12% of Republicans) thought the manner of conducting the most recent presidential election was "somewhat unfair" or "very unfair." The number skyrocketed to 37% of the public (44% of Democrats and 25% of Republicans) in 2000 following the Florida debacle. By 2004, the number fell to a still worrisome 13.6% of the public holding strongly negative views of American election administration. The gap between the views of Democrats (21.5%) and Republicans (2.9%) remains quite large.
    The fact that Republicans were victorious in the 2000 and 2004 presidential elections might drive the large disparity between Democrats and Republicans.28 Consider voter attitudes toward the fairness of the Washington State gubernatorial election in 2004. After a series of recounts and court battles, a Democrat was declared the winner.29 In a January 2005 Elway Poll of Washington voters, 68% of Republicans thought the state election process was unfair, compared to 27% of Democrats and 46% of Independents.30 It is hard to escape the conclusion that views about the fairness of the process are driven, at least in part, by the outcome that recent elections have produced. If that is so, it should not be surprising to see large numbers of Republicans nationally indicating a lack of faith in the election process if the next close election features a Democrat squeaking by to gain the presidency.
(emphasis added).
UPDATE: 706 mentions of ACORN on Fox in a 4-day period in October could not have hurt these numbers.
Posted by Rick Hasen at November 19, 2009 09:14 PM