April 10, 2006

Updates to Blog Roll

With the Supreme Court nomination process over (for now) and with the midterm elections coming, I have updated that portion of my blogroll (on the right side of my blog) listing other blogs and websites of interest to election law. Here is the new list of websites I'm reading on a regular or semi-regular basis beyond those that deal directly with election law:
How Appealing
The Volokh Conspiracy
Legal Theory (Larry Solum)
American Constitution Society web log
Disability Law (Sam Bagenstos)
Barone Blog (Michael Barone)
Beltway Blogroll (Danny Glover for the National Journal)
Blackprof.com (Spencer Overton and others)
Roll Call
Political Wire
CQ Politics
Hotline Blog
The Hill
Daily Kos
Red State
Concurring Opinions
Orin Kerr

Posted by Rick Hasen at April 10, 2006 09:09 AM