Election Experts’ Letter to Senator Graham on Investigating Cyberhacking

Some important folks in the field signing this letter:

 We enthusiastically support your dedicated leadership efforts to investigate thec ybersecurity vulnerabilities in our country’s 2016 election process. We are a group of volunteer election systems technical experts and citizen advocates for secure and transparent elections. The purpose of our letter is to encourage you to expand the scope of your inquiries to include vulnerable elements of the election system that are being overlooked in the public discussions.

There is a very common misunderstanding that voting systems are not vulnerable and that it would be difficult to alter election outcomes. This meme has been repeated in
many public forums….
The significant cybersecurity weaknesses in our election system are well known to many computer security professionals as well as unfriendly nations and domestic criminals. Yet federal, state, and private monitoring, analysis, and oversight to protect the very foundation of our democracy is minimal.Even while the Department ofHomeland Security made its services available to election jurisdictions nationwide in the  pre-election period, to our knowledge they were not examining voting and vote tallyingsystems for vulnerabilities, but rather scanning voter registration databases and systems for breaches.

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