“Ohio restarts voter purge process with changes to help prevent unnecessary cancellations”

Cleveland.com reports on directives (2018-192018-20, 2018-21 and 2018-22) that Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted issued today.  They restart Ohio’s supplemental process for removing voters from the rolls, upheld by the Supreme Court in Husted v. APRI, while providing that no voters will be removed this year due to that process.  (Disclosure: I’m one of the lawyers for plaintiffs.)

Directive 2018-22 provides for a “last chance” notice to go out before a voter’s registration is cancelled. On bottom of p. 1, it says that boards of election should send this notice “[n]ot earlier than 30 days, but not later than 45 days” before the scheduled cancellation date.  Shouldn’t that be “not earlier than 45 days, but not later than 30 days”?


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