“‘It takes five minutes or less.’ Court ruling means new Kansas voters sign up easily”

KC Star:

Four days after a federal judge threw out a Kansas voting restriction, 72 newly naturalized Americans became registered voters in the same courthouse where the landmark voting rights trial took place.

“That’s the reason why I became a citizen: to be able to vote,” said Patricia Mascote, who owns a convenience store in Overland Park and has lived in the United States for nearly 30 years after emigrating from Mexico.

If Mascote’s naturalization ceremony had taken place just a week earlier, Mascote could have been required to submit her naturalization documents to complete the registration process.

Instead, all she and the other newly registered voters had to do was write down their names and addresses and attest to their new status as citizens….

“I understand Kobach needs to take classes on the law again. It makes you think,” said Manuel Novas-Garcia, a voter who became naturalized Friday and was aware of the judge’s order in the case.



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