Lee Goodman: “I did not approve or authorize the envelope or its identification of me as [FEC] ‘Chairman.'”

In an earlier post, I linked to a story and posted a picture of an endorsement letter in a South Dakota AG’s race where former FEC Commissioner Lee Goodman is identified as the “Chairman” of the FEC.

Former Commissioner Goodman reached out to say: “I’m sending you two emails clarifying the facts and request that you clarify I did not approve or authorize the envelope or its identification of me as ‘Chairman.'”

I have reprinted the two letters he sent me below the fold:

Letter from David A. Warrington:


As a co-signatory to the letter on behalf of Lance Russell I want to confirm that neither you nor I ever approved or authorized the envelope that transmitted our letter of support.  You were very clear on multiple occasions that you were only to be identified as a “Former Chairman” of the Federal Election Commission.  Indeed, I also made this clear to the campaign on multiple occasions.  We were both repeatedly assured that this would be the case and understood that the letter was to come from and be paid for by the campaign.  The use of that envelope was without our knowledge and consent and contrary to our clear instructions.  I would have disapproved it had I reviewed the package before it was mailed by the campaign.
I hope my confirmation of these facts helps clear up some of the unfair characterizations I’ve seen tweeted about your role in the mailing.
Counsel for Lance Russell for South Dakota
Letter from Lance Russell:

Lee Goodman signed a letter endorsing Senator Lance Russell for Attorney General of South Dakota.  The letter was paid for and mailed by the Russell campaign.  Mr. Goodman did not approve the envelope or authorize the campaign to identify him as “Chairman” of the Federal Election Commission in any part of the letter.  Mr. Goodman authorized the campaign to identify him only as “Former Chairman” of the Federal Election Commission.

Lance S. Russell

Candidate for SD Attorney General

[Note: an earlier version of this post erroneously called the Goodman letter a “fundraising” letter.]


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