“Democrats Plan New Effort to Target Minority Voters”


The Democratic National Committee is undertaking an expansive, multimillion dollar strategic plan to motivate voters who typically sit out midterm elections, with a particular focus on engaging nonwhite communities through new investments in local organizing and a six-figure advertising campaign.

The plan, which is set to be announced on Thursday, is likely the largest and most comprehensive effort ever by the Democratic Party to motivate minority voters in a midterm election year, according to aides and party insiders briefed on the new efforts. It includes $1.2 million split across 16 state parties to hire community organizers targeting groups who have been historically unlikely to vote — including black, Latino, Asian, millennial and rural voters. The plan also introduces a new database that seeks to identify 25 million likely Democratic voters who are currently unregistered and seemingly removed from the political process.

The nearly $2.5 million total investment telegraphs the Democratic Party’s strategy in November’s midterm elections. Party leaders say they believe that President Trump’s history of igniting racial divisions has motivated America’s minorities to engage in the political sphere, so the Democrats are expanding their target demographic to include voters who have traditionally not been cultivated.


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