North Carolina: “GOP’s Woodhouse deposed, releases opposition research wish list”


 A legal team for the state Democratic Party deposed the North Carolina Republican Party’s executive director for at least 90 minutes Monday morning.

Dallas Woodhouse said he answered some questions “out of respect to the courts,” declined to answer others and didn’t think anything he had to say was particularly helpful to the federal lawsuit the Democratic Party filed against Republican legislators over the cancellation of this year’s judicial primaries.

“We anticipated a fishing expedition, and as far as I’m concerned, that’s what we saw,” Woodhouse said after appearing under oath before attorneys at the downtown offices of Poyner Spruill.

Woodhouse provided members of the media with a packet of documents that he said he also turned over to Democrats in answer to their subpoena. It was made up largely of talking points against Anita Earls, a Democrat running for the state Supreme Court.

There was also a two-page opposition research to-do list containing Democratic General Assembly candidates and unverified claims against them.

“Is he passing the plate around his church for campaign contributions?” one entry asks. “Is he having an extramarital affair?”

Another entry reads in part: “Waiting on mole to produce evidence of illegal coordination.”


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