Court rejects challenge to Broward list maintenance

An update out of south Florida: a federal court just rejected a claim by the ACRU that Broward County has a legal responsibility to purge voters more aggressively.

There’s plenty of detail in the opinion about what Broward does and does not currently do.  One piece that may be of particular interest: on pp. 14-20, the court dug into the comparison of census figures and registration rates, and the talking point that there must be something funny going on when the data ostensibly shows more registered voters than eligible electors.  “Ostensibly” is the key: as the court recognized, the comparison involves apples and oranges, and for many of the reasons I mentioned here, the math may look damning on the surface but is fundamentally flawed.  Or, as the court put it:

ACRU’s argument that Broward County’s registration rates are unreasonably high is, therefore, unsupported by any credible evidence and necessarily fails to support ACRU’s contention that Snipes failed to comply with the NVRA’s list-maintenance requirements.

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