“An important first step to protect our elections”

Adam Ambrogi oped in The Hill:

The issue came to a head in 2016 with various reports and claims of hacks, data breaches and leaks. While the intelligence community and experts are confident that no votes were changed in 2016, the threat to our system is real.

In the 16 months since the election, Congress has not acted. Some members of Congress went as far as proposing to actually eliminate the EAC. The good news is that this week as a nation, we have turned a corner and those efforts to threaten the EAC have been rebuked by leaders of both parties.

Thanks to the hard work of a bipartisan group of congressional leaders such as Republican Sens. Lankford and Graham joining with Democratic Sens. Klobuchar and Harris, the omnibus spending bill that was enacted allocates $380 million to shore up our voting system. The legislation gives the EAC funding to help states promote election cybersecurity: secure election websites and registration systems, replace unverifiable voting machines, promote election audits, train election officials on how to respond to these threats, and on other election security best practices.

States now have some important choices, and we know election officials will work hand-in-hand with the federal partners and experts to prioritize funding to prepare against the greatest threats to the system. And significantly, we have reached a bipartisan consensus on a commonsense solution, one of the greatest threats to our democracy.

But we’re still not out of the woods.


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