Released Emails Show Coordination Between DOJ and Pence-Kobach Fraud Commission over Voter Fraud Allegations, with Communications Between John Gore and EAC’s Christy McCormick


The chair of the Republican Party in Chicago last year passed on allegations of voter fraud to a member of President Trump’s now-defunct voter fraud commission, using a top Justice Department official as intermediary, newly released emails reveal.

The emails, which were obtained by the Electronic Privacy Information Center via a Freedom of Information Act request, suggest that Republican officials sought to use the commission as a clearing-house for allegations of voter fraud from around the country, no matter how unsubstantiated.

In one email, Christy McCormick, who was a member of the voter fraud panel, told Acting Assistant Attorney General for Civil Rights John Gore that she was seeking to have the voter fraud panel investigate the allegations.

“Hopefully between DOJ and the Commission we can clean up the voter rolls,” McCormick said in one email.  McCormick, a Republican, is also a member of the U.S. Election Assistance Commission (EAC), the federal agency that helps states administer elections.

As the voter fraud commission became a flashpoint for controversy, Democratic lawmakers and advocacy groups sought information about the level of communication it had with the Justice Department.

Testifying in front of a Senate committee, Attorney General Jeff Sessions denied coordination, but alluded to some level of contact.


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