“Kobach is prosecuting this confused Republican cattle rancher with four felony counts of voter fraud”

Great reporting by Kira Lerner, showing what Kobach’s illusion of a voter fraud epidemic looks like up close:

For the past few years, Que J. Fullmer has split his time between Kansas and Colorado. He owns a cattle company and roughly 1,000 acres in Syracuse, Kansas, and his wife lives in Brighton, Colorado, where the couple owns a home and 300 acres.

In November 2016, Fullmer cast ballots in both states. He figured that because he pays taxes in both places, he was entitled to have his voice heard in local and state races in two states. He only voted for president, Donald Trump, in Kansas….

“I didn’t know I had multiple charges,” Fullmer, a registered Republican, told ThinkProgress Friday by phone. “I just voted in state things in both states. In only one of the states I voted in the general.” The 67-year-old small business owner said he was unaware that the law prohibits him from casting ballots in state or local races in multiple states….

While he has heard talk on the news of “voter fraud,” he said he always assumed that term referred to “politicians getting low-lifes to travel around the city and vote multiple times.”

“I figured that’s what double voting was,” he said.

Fullmer said he almost certainly voted for Kobach when he ran for secretary of state in 2010 and 2014. “I’m sure I did,” he said. “He’s a Republican. I’m sure.”


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