Crazy in Alabama: Why Isn’t Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill Correcting His Error About Recounts Made Last Night on CNN?

As I explained in this post, it looks like Roy Moore cannot request a recount in the Alabama Senate race if the margin is greater than 0.5% (there’s an automatic recount for the 0.5% range). Last night on CNN, Alabama SOS John Merrill got it wrong, saying that Moore could pay for a recount in the larger range.  The statute does not allow this for federal offices.

I understand that Merrill may have made an error in the heat of the election (but truly, this is something he should have known going into such a high profile and closely watched election).

But what explains his failure to correct things now? We are moving from a mistake to possibly something else.

More: WKRG reports: “Election Law Expert Argues Moore Cannot Request Recount”

WaPo: Why Roy Moore’s hope for a recount is a very long long shot

UPDATE: SOS Merrill has now blocked me on twitter.

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