Doug Jones Apparent Winner in Alabama Senate Race, But Moore Not Conceding, Awaiting Possible Automatic Recount

[See this updated post instead of what is below.]

Roy Moore just said he is not conceding and will wait to see if there is a recount. An automatic recount is triggered if the race is within 0.5%.  Right now, as I write, Jones is ahead by 1.6%. Moore can still pay for a recount if the margin is beyond the 0.5% threshold.

Alabama Secretary of State John Merrill on CNN says there are an unknown number of military  as well as provisional ballots, but does not say how many are outstanding.  Merrill says it is possible that these ballots could shrink the margin.  Write-in votes cast for non-eligible candidates could also shrink the margin.

This seems like quite a tough road ahead for Moore.

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