Former GOP Chair Who Admits Casting His Ex-Wife’s Absentee Ballot Says He Doesn’t Remember, But Was Able to Work 80-95 Hours Per Week at the Time

Greeley Tribune with the latest on this saga:

Yet, Curtis said in court Wednesday, although he concluded he must have filled out the ballot and submitted it in an envelope with his ex-wife’s name on it, he had no memory of the incident for months. That’s because, he said, he was in the grips of a severe diabetic episode, at the time. He’s lived with Type 1 diabetes for almost 30 years, he said, and it is a very debilitating condition. He has difficulty concentrating, he said, and difficulty sleeping — if he gets more than 90 minutes of sleep at one time in a night, he said, it’s a “miracle.”….

He didn’t shy away from hard work in other parts of his career either. By October 2016, he was working between 80 and 95 hours a week at three different jobs, including a career as a conservative talk-show host for the Aurora-based radio station KLZ-AM 560, a job he had to commute to multiple times a week. During October and the months that followed, he said, his blood sugar was consistently high.

That’s why, he said, he doesn’t remember filling out his own ballot on Oct. 16, filling out his ex-wife’s ballot on Oct. 22, or putting the ballots in the mail Oct. 24. When confronted with the evidence in the months leading up to trial, though, he conceded all three of those events took place.


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