“‘Race-based redistricting’ imposed on NC ‘against its will,’ lawmakers say”

News and Observer:

Lawmakers and the challengers of maps proposed for electing North Carolina’s General Assembly members waited until the 11th hour to respond to districts suggested by an unaffiliated mapmaker.

Lawmakers were critical of the process, saying the federal judges who tapped a Stanford University law professor to draw maps for them had done so prematurely and allowed him to consider race as he looked at election districts in Cumberland, Guilford, Hoke, Mecklenburg, Wake, Bladen, Sampson and Wayne counties.

Justin Levitt: “Sigh. NC legislators continue to misunderstand the law, almost as if the misunderstanding is willful. #1: Special Master didn’t appear to target any particular racial outcome. #2: Even if he had considered race, it’d raise no const. questions unless race ‘predominated.'”

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