“In Idaho, program to fight voter fraud may cause more problems than it catches”

Idaho Statesman:

Ada County elections employees have been leery of the Interstate Voter Registration Crosscheck Program since 2014 — the year they got burned by it.

It was Idaho’s first year as a member. Ada County received a list of possible duplicate voter registrations and began to revoke several thousand of them, including then-West Ada School District Superintendent Linda Clark, radio personality Ken Bass and former U.S. Attorney and prominent Democrat Betty Richardson.

Those voters began to call. What appeared to be duplicate records, weren’t at all. When the county realized it was in error, it quickly halted the revocations….

Former Idaho Secretary of State Ben Ysursa worked for the office for 28 years, then served as its chief officer for another 12 until his retirement in early 2015. Though he is the one who first signed Idaho up for Crosscheck, he said Friday that he cannot recall any significant cases of voter fraud while he was in office.

“Looking for voter fraud in Idaho? I do not think it is there,” he said.

He also cast doubt upon allegations of widespread voter fraud in the U.S.: “It is looking for a needle in haystack, but the question is if the needle is even there.”


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