“Trump Says Justice Dept. and F.B.I. Must ‘Do What Is Right’ and Investigate Democrats”

Banana republic territory:

Frustrated with the Justice Department’s reluctance to investigate his political opponents, President Trump on Friday said he would like the agency to run itself, but he and “a lot of people” are disappointed in the top federal law enforcement agency.

“I’m really not involved with the Justice Department, I’d like to let it run itself,” Mr. Trump told reporters as he left the White House for an 11-day trip to Asia. “But honestly, they should be looking at the Democrats.”

Mr. Trump on Thursday acknowledged that presidents are not supposed to interfere with Justice Department investigations, but he weighed in anyway with a series of Twitter posts early Friday morning and said the department should investigate the Democrats’ activity during the 2016 campaign. The American public, he said, “deserves it.”

And here was my response on Twitter to the President’s tweet that Hillary Clinton broke the law with her joint fundraising committee with the DNC (click on link to see full tweetstorm):


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