“In this 5K race, runners will meander NC’s ‘Gerrymander”

News and Observer:

Runners and walkers planning to take part in a 5K race in Asheville early next month might do better with a compass — a well-tuned political compass, that is.

As lawyers, judges and redistricting experts spend hours in a federal courtroom in Greensboro this week discussing the latest North Carolina redistricting lawsuit, the League of Women Voters of Asheville-Buncombe County and others were planning an event meant to give people interested in North Carolina politics a ground-level view of how gerrymandering looks.

On Nov. 4, from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m., the league is holding the Gerrymander 5K run and walkthat tracks the dividing line between the state’s 10th and 11th congressional districts, which have elected two Republicans to represent the largely Democratic city.


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