“Holder-Led Group Challenges Georgia Redistricting, Claiming Racial Bias”


A Democratic group led by the former attorney general Eric H. Holder Jr. has accused the State of Georgia of flouting the Voting Rights Act, claiming that Georgia Republicans reshaped two state legislative districts to minimize the electoral influence of African-American voters.

Mr. Holder’s group, the National Redistricting Foundation, is expected to file suit in Federal District Court in Atlanta on Tuesday. The complaint charges that race was the “predominant factor” in adjusting two districts — the 105th and 111th — in the Atlanta area where white lawmakers had faced spirited challenges from black Democrats.

Will have to wait to see the complaint, but a VRA violation is not the same as a racial gerrymandering violation (looking at race as the predominant factor).

Update: Here is the complaint, raising both types of claims.

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