Von Spakovsky Back in Controversial Spotlight

Suppose you were recess appointed to the FEC and your appointment has expired as the Senate and the President have a standoff over your appointment. What to do in the meantime? You might try writing a non-controversial oped for a major newspaper on a pressing public financing issue.
Or, if you are Hans von Spakovksy, who has been accused of being too partisan, you might inject yourself directly in public controversy by publishing Stolen Identities, Stolen Votes: A Case Study of Voter Impersonation. If this means that von Spakovsky no longer expects to get his FEC position back, why doesn’t he ask the president to withdraw the nomination, so that the FEC can be reconstituted with a quorum so that it can deal with pressing business, such as controversy over Sen. McCain’s attempt to withdraw from public financing and controversy over ALP, the pro-Clinton 527?
I hope to have time to write about the merits of von Spakovksy’s paper in the next few days. In the meantime, I expect that the Brennan Center will craft a response in short order.

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