Texas Appeals 3-Judge Court Ruling on Congressional Redistricting to Supreme Court

Press release.

The case is not final, and so there may be some issues with this being an appeal of an interlocutory (interim) order.

On the merits, the ruling is pretty good for Texas compared to what the Court might have done, and the Supreme Court may not choose to get involved in this aspect of the case. (There are other meaty issues, including the findings on discriminatory intent, and possible order to put Texas back under federal supervision for voting which I expect the Court would fully review).

More at the Texas Tribune:

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton revealed Friday that Abbott won’t ask lawmakers to redraw the state’s congressional map — found by a federal court this week to discriminate against Latino and black voters — in a fresh round of legislative overtime.

Instead, Paxton is appealing the ruling to the U.S. Supreme Court and trying to keep the boundaries intact for the 2018 elections, according to his filing to a panel of three judges in San Antonio…

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