“Five sentenced to days in jail for Supreme Court disruption over campaign finance”


Five protesters who disrupted a session of the U.S. Supreme Court by shouting disapproval of its rulings on campaign finance law were sentenced to either one or two weekends in prison Monday after losing a bid to overturn a 1949 law restricting public protest at the court.

U.S. prosecutors had asked U.S. District Judge Christopher R. “Casey” Cooper in Washington to order 10-day jail sentences for the defendants, members of an organization called 99Rise. They had stood and spoke one-by-one just after the court was gaveled into session April 1, 2015, about a year after the justices struck down overall limits on campaign contributions.

“Money is not speech. One person, one vote!” shouted defendant Matthew Kresling, 43, of Los Angeles, before being led away in 2015. David Bronstein, 30, of the District, sang, “We who believe in freedom shall not rest.” A third defendant demanded the court overturn its campaign finance decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

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