Pence-Kobach Commission Wants State Voter Data; Can It Protect Voter Privacy? Will State Election Officials Cooperate? Will House Kill EAC?

The sham Pence commission wants data from state voter rolls.

But it is not clear how this will go.

David Becker on the privacy issue and about concerns of securing the data..

It is also not clear whether Democratic election officials will want to cooperate with a sham voter fraud commission which seems designed to provide a pretext to amend the National Voter Registration Act to make it harder to register to vote (including by allowing states to require documentary proof of citizenship when registering in federal elections).

And what of Republican election officials who have long preached freedom from federal intrusion?

Meanwhile, the House seems poised once again to try to kill the United States Election Assistance Commission, a REAL federal agency doing important work. The Commission has had its share of problems, but it collects very important data and assesses security of voting machines. In these days especially of cyberhacking and lack of faith in American institutions, killing the EAC would be a very bad idea.




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