Time to Say the Election Administrator’s Prayer About #GAO6 Election: Lord, Let This Election Not Be Close

No doubt, there’s a lot riding on the special election between Ossoff and Handel to replace Secretary of HHS Tom Price. Not only is it seen as a harbinger of 2018; some see the fate of Trumpcare resting on the results.

Meanwhile, the latest polls are extremely close. 

Add into that concerns over the election security of Georgia’s voter registration system (read this Kim Zetter piece and be very afraid), and an electronic voting system with no paper trail, making a recount not much of a recount.

Add in all the talk of voter fraud and voter suppression going around these days.

All of it is a recipe for crazy conspiracy theories and claims of foul play and chicanery should the election be very close.

It may get very, very ugly.

That’s why the Election Administrator’s prayer may be the best chance to avoid disaster.

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