Bloomingburg: “BREAKING: Jewish Developer Of Ultra-Orthodox Village Pleads Guilty To Voter Fraud”

The latest from the Forward on the Bloomingburg saga:

Shalom Lamm, the developer behind the controversial effort to build hundreds of homes for Hasidic families in the upstate New York village of Bloomingburg, pled guilty Tuesday to federal charges in a cash-for-votes scam.

One of the attorneys representing Lamm, Gordon Mehler, confirmed the plea to the Forward.

Lamm faced a single count of conspiracy to corrupt the electoral process in connection with his efforts to fix village elections in Bloomingburg in 2014. According to prosecutors, Lamm and his co-defendants concocted their scheme after village officials blocked Lamm’s development efforts in 2013. In an effort to elect friendly officials to the village board, Lamm offered rent-free apartments in return for registering to vote, then created fake leases to make it appear that residents had lived in the village long enough to be eligible.



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