Baptist Standard: Texas Discrimination in Redistricting “Give[s] Jesus a Black Eye”

Baptist Standard editorial:

The common denominator of these rulings is an overt attempt to suppress voting by racial minorities, particularly African-Americans and Latinos.

What’s so embarrassing is the hypocrisy of it all. Texas prides itself on being one of the most religious—and down here, that pretty much means Christian—states in the nation. Our politicians often campaign, at least in part, on their devout faith. We make ourselves feel good by reminding ourselves, and others, of how much we love Jesus and how strictly we follow the Ten Commandments.

And yet, collectively, we lead the nation in suppressing the vote of racial and ethnic minorities. That action contradicts everything Jesus and the prophets said about how to treat our neighbors. When overtly religious people—and in our case, an entire culture—treat others dreadfully, not to mention illegally, we give Jesus a black eye.

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