“Wisconsin: Another Statewide Recount with Minimal Shifts”


In statewide recounts small changes between the initial and recounted totals are to be expected–however recounts rarely change the winner. Examining over two-dozen statewide recounts  that have taken place since 2000, FairVote has shown that the average change in the margin of victory of the winner before and after the recount is 277 votes, or roughly 0.02% of the original vote total.

There have only been 15 consequential recounts, or recounts in which the margin of victory was less than 0.15% of the original vote total, since 2000. These recounts are consequential because the vote tallies were close enough that the recount might reasonably be expected to change the winner. The average change in the vote margins in consequential recounts is 324 votes, or 0.007% of the original vote total. Only 3 statewide recounts have overturned original election results since 2000-and all of them within consequential margins.

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