ELB Blogging, Tweeting, Commenting Slowdown for Next Few Months

The last election season was all consuming. I gave hundreds of interviews, wrote thousands of blog posts, and offered many opeds and commentaries. No election season has been nearly as busy as this one, and they are all busy (I have been blogging, essentially nonstop, since 2003 and the California recall), The only thing to come close to this election season is the post-2000 election season and Bush v. Gore.

While I have enjoyed the blogging, tweeting, and commenting, and think of it as a public service, it came at a price. Among other things, the schedule of public commentary put me behind on a book project and other academic writing.

My plan is to slow down considerably, at least for the next few months, as I try to concentrate on larger work and to recharge a bit.

For those who get their news on the election law listserv, expect less frequent updates.

Thanks for understanding!


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