Breaking: Roger Stone and Stop the Steal Call Off the Hounds, and Dems May Win By Losing Again in Nevada

Much has been made of the Democrats’ losing a number of cases they have filed to try to get Trump, the RNC and Roger Stone to be barred from acts of voter intimidation.

But, as I wrote yesterday regarding the loss in the DNC v. RNC case:

This is, of course, a loss for the DNC, but not really a complete one. Indeed, as I argued in Slate,this suit and the other suits around the country have served as information-forcing devices to get Republicans and the Trump campaign to reveal their plans surrounding “ballot security,” and to get assurances that the campaigns are taking steps to prevent voter intimidation on election day. Further, these courts are now open for business should there be problems on election day, and the potential for further court action remains, including for lawyers and professions on the Republican side who gave court assurances about what is planned for election day.


Now, in Nevada, Roger Stone, in response to complaints against him, is causing the following to be posted on the Stop the Steal website:

2. The following statement is about to be published on Stop the Steal’s website, and it will be emailed Monday to every volunteer nationwide:

You must not:

a. Speak (or encourage anyone else to speak )to any voter before he goes into a polling place, about ANYTHING, or who appears to be in line to vote or headed into a polling place.

b. Speak to ANYONE within 100 feet of the entrance to any polling place

c. Go inside a polling location for any reason other than to vote yourself, and when voting yourself and inside a polling place say or do anything not directly related to casting your own vote

d. Record by audio or video or any other method of sound or video reproduction the comments of anyone who has voted without that person’s permission

e. Wear or display any badge, button, or clothing that promotes any political candidate or party

f. Photograph the conduct of voting at a polling place or record the conduct of voting, or of any voter in line to vote (no matter how far distant from a polling place) or who appears to be headed into a polling place to vote or who is within 100 feet of a polling place even if that person has already voted

g. Without regard to distance from a polling place, ask any person who has not yet voted their name, address or political affiliation or how that voter plans to mark his or her ballot

h. It is our goal to conduct a neutral, scientifically-based and methodically sound exit poll at certain targeted precincts for the purpose of preparing the exit poll actual

3. A conference call will be offered to all volunteers in order to reiterate these rules to them on Monday evening. Volunteers are being asked to ask people who have voted if they will be willing to participate in a simple, voluntary 3-question poll: “Did you just vote; did you vote four years ago; and for whom did you vote today”. The answers are then to be tabulated or otherwise recorded and then turned in to Stop the Steal.  They are not asked their name or any personal identification, only these three questions and these three questions only.

The affidavit also gives information about the scope of his operation in NV.

Democrats may not have gotten an injunction, but this is prety good from their perspective.


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