Briefs Filed in 6th Circuit Emergency Appeal of TRO in OH Trump Voter Intimidation Case

Yesterday a federal court in Ohio out an order against the Trump campaign and others in Ohio, which is now the subject of a Sixth Circuit appeal.  I see some issues of due process, vagueness and overbreadth in that order and expect there will at least be a modification of it, if not an outright reversal.

The Trump campaign’s 6th Circuit emergency stay request is here, and their request for an initial en banc is here. The Democrats’ response to the request of an initial en banc is here. It has not yet filed an opposition to the emergency stay request.

I expect we will hear some time on Sunday whether the 6th Circuit will take this case en banc, and if it does, whether the order of the trial court can stand. If the 6th Circuit denies the en banc, then I expect there will be a panel order for a quick response from the Democrats.

I will have to leave to others who know the 6th Circuit best what is likely to happen next.

[This post has been updated.]

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