Breaking: Federal Court Temporarily Lifts CO Ban on Most Ballot Selfies for Upcoming Election

From the court’s 28 page opinion and order:

The Court therefore ORDERS that Defendants Mitch Morrissey, in his official capacity as District Attorney for the Second Judicial District, and Cynthia Coffman, in her official capacity as Colorado Attorney General, are enjoined from enforcing Colorado Revised Statute § 1-13-712(1) by prosecuting, referring for prosecution, and/or investigating violations thereof, or instructing any person to remove from publication any photograph or image of that person’s voted ballot, unless such violations or publication is in connection with violations of other criminal laws. Nothing in this Order shall alter the ability of Defendants or other officials to enforce any other laws, rules, or regulations related to the administration of the election, including those rules in effect at polling places.

In other words, selfies will be okay in this election so long as you don’t use it to break another law, like to coerce someone or sell your vote.

Besides disagreeing on the merits, I think the court has the Purcell Principle wrong.

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