“Why Bill Gates is trying to change Washington’s Supreme Court”

Quite a story from Reid Wilson:

In Washington, Gates and the other mega-donors are targeting a judge who has ruled against one of their pet projects in the past.

Last year, the court ruled that a 2012 ballot measure establishing charter schools in Washington violated the state constitution because it gave control of charter schools to appointed boards, rather than elected ones. Wiggins voted with the majority.

Gates, Allen and Ballmer had helped fund the ballot measure establishing charter schools.

“It sends a terrible message to judges, which is if you don’t toe the line as we see it, we’ll find a criminal case and we’ll vilify you,” Wiggins said of the outside spending. Judges “rely on the respect of the public, and, quite frankly, the other two branches of government. This kind of negative campaigning that I’m confronting is corrosive.”

A Gates spokeswoman did not respond to a request for comment. Larson’s campaign did not respond to an email.

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