Trump Camp Will Fake Exit Polls, Possibly to Intimidate Voters and Lay Groundwork for Post-Election Shenanigans

Quite a story from the Guardian:

Donald Trump loyalists will attempt to conduct their own crowd-funded exit polling on election day, ostensibly due to fears that electronic voting machines in certain areas may have been “rigged”, the Guardian has learned.

But the effort, led by Trump’s notorious informal adviser Roger Stone, will focus on 600 different precincts in nine Democrat=leaning cities with large minority populations, a tactic branded highly irregular by experts, who suggested that organizers could potentially use the polling as a way to intimidate voters….

The Citizens for Trump coalition, which will supply volunteers for the polling, was also present at the Republican convention and organized a large rally in Cleveland alongside a host of fringe organizations, including armed vigilantes group Bikers for Trump and the conspiracy theorist website Infowars.

“It sounds like he’s organizing a goon squad that could potentially be intimidating voters in minority areas,” said Hasen. “It does raise the threat of violence on election day at polling places. People are going to have to be vigilant.”

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