“State makes it easier to fix ballot”

Good news from Wisconsin:

The state Elections Commission on Friday made it easier for local clerks to fix minor errors on absentee ballots to make sure they are counted.

The move is aimed at making sure thousands of absentee ballots are not tossed out simply because witnesses for the voters did not provide their full addresses.

In most cases where ballots are at risk, the error is a minor one — the witness provided a street address but not the name of a municipality. Often, the voter and witness live at the same address, but clerks have not been allowed to fill in the missing information unless they tracked down the voter and gotten his or her permission.

The Elections Commission reversed that policy Friday, unanimously telling clerks they must add municipalities to the witness information if they were able to determine that information. They will not have to get the permission of the voter, as they were previously required.

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