Could WI’s Approach to Voter ID Get Even More Disgusting?

One of the arguments that is often made in favor of mandatory voter id is the paternalistic one that forcing people to come up with the costs for the underlying documents etc. to get a state-issued voter id card will actually help these folks in other areas, such as opening a bank account.

Not the strongest argument in the world for a mandatory plan that still puts burdens on some voters, but I get it.

But now Patrick Marley reports:

Gov. Scott Walker’s administration wants to stamp “voting purposes only” on the free IDs the state makes available, making it harder for people to use them to open bank accounts or prove their identity when they pick up their children from day care.

But wait: it gets worse. The whole point of requiring these strict voter id cards is to stop (virtually non-existent) impersonation voter fraud.  Marley again:

The Division of Motor Vehicles also is proposing having the state produce cheaper, lower-quality IDs that have fewer fraud protections.

And for the icing on the cake:

Julie Lund, a spokeswoman for the state Department of Health Services, said she did not know whether the state would prevent people from using the voter IDs to access food stamps or health care programs for low-income people.


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