“Armed Men Once Patrolled the Polls. Will They Reappear in November?”

Must-listen WNYC on the RNC consent decree and chances of Trump being caught up in it:

Republicans have a long history of aggressively “watching” the polls, and Trump has more than a passing connection to the 1981 voter suppression case. His late brother-in-law and personal attorney, John Barry, was the lawyer representing the Republicans in the lawsuit that stemmed from the controversy.

And Trump seems to have been prompted to talk about the issue this summer by Roger Stone, a political operative and longtime adviser who worked on the 1981 Kean campaign. Stone, who often pushes conspiracy theories, told WNYC that he had nothing to do with the National Ballot Security Task Force but he is concerned about computer manipulation of voting machines. Days after Stone was heard warning of such criminality on a Breitbart News radio show (“I think we have widespread voter fraud”), Trump began bringing it up on the campaign trail. …

The consent decree “had a legitimate chilling effect on their engaging in some of these efforts that they purport to maintain are matters of legitimate ballot security,” said Angelo Genova, an attorney who represented Democrats in the case. The settlement is “an effective tool over the last three decades to keep the Republican National Committee’s apparent inclinations in check.”

Genova, who is one of the most prominent election lawyers in the state, said the consent decree could place legal limits on Trump’s efforts to patrol polls on Election Day if the Republican National Committee is in any way funding or backing his ballot security program.

Back on August 12, I first suggested Democrats could move against Trump’s actions under the consent decree.


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