Hmmm, Vote Purge Suit in Texas Focuses on Hispanic Counties, Not Entire State

This is interesting:

However, U.S. District Judge Ricardo Hinojosa appeared confused as to why the attorney general’s office had gotten involved and said it was the Texas Secretary of State that should be held responsible….

The National Voter Registration Act, as a federal statute, Hinojosa said, was meant to ensure states adhere to a certain standard.

He also pointed out that the NVRA states that when there is a violation, the statewide representative should be notified.

ACRU attorney Christopher Coates said that the secretary of state’s office was given a copy of the notification letter that was sent to Starr County, but Hinojosa didn’t believe that enough….

However, Coates repeatedly argued the responsibility lies with individual counties and holding one state responsible would make the other states fall in line.

Starr County is the third county that the ACRU has sued in Texas and Coates said there may be 20 more that may be in violation.

The suit, filed in March against Starr County Elections Administrator Rafael Montalvo, accuses the county of violating Section 8 of the National Voting Rights Act for allegedly having more registered voters than eligible voters in the county.

Hinojosa questioned whether census data could be relied upon and also why they appeared to focus on counties with high Hispanic populations.

Coates insisted their focus was not on Hispanic populations but rather on those they believe to have over 100 percent voter registration.


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