Plaintiffs in Ohio “Golden Week” Case Seek Stay from 6th Circuit; May Seek Emergency #SCOTUS Relief

On Tuesday, a 6th Circuit panel reversed a trial court’s ruling which had prevented Ohio from eliminating “Golden Week,” a week in which a person could both register to vote (or change a registration) and cast an early ballot. The trial court found the elimination was unconstitutional and a violation of the Voting Rights Act. The 6th Circuit panel reversed.

This evening plaintiffs sought a stay from the 6th Circuit, the effect of which would be to put the trial court’s order restoring Golden Week back on.

There’s virtually no chance the panel grants the stay. But asking for the stay is a precursor to asking for an emergency stay from the Supreme Court before the election.  (It is also possible to ask the full 6th Circuit to review, but that not requested in the new motion).

Expect a quick decision from the 6th Circuit panel.

UPDATE: Marc Elias on Twitter: “Unless the 6th Cir. stays its decision and restores Golden Week, we will file in SCOTUS on emergency basis.”

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