North Carolina County Considers Armed Civilians to Patrol Polling Places

Wish this Gannett report was a joke:

The highest appointed elections officer in Henderson County has explored deputizing civilians to patrol the polls on Election Day.

At an Aug. 16 public meeting, Bob Heltman, chair of the Henderson County Board of Elections, discussed the idea of a “posse comitatus,” in which civilians would be deputized and armed to serve the sheriff. He said he asked the sheriff whether such a posse could patrol the polls, but he has since discovered the idea is unfeasible.

“‘I said ‘have you heard of a posse comitatus? What’s the story?”” he said. “Well, the net result of all that is there’s no time to even try to do it.”

Heltman, who was appointed to the board five years ago by the Republican party, said he discussed the idea as part of the board’s safety plan to prevent terrorism, but he has abandoned it.

This is a natural consequence of Trump’s election rigging talk.


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